About me

It was 1997 when I started learning art at Taylor High Scool, in Kokomo, Indiana. The art class was more practical in the US than in Hungary and we could use good quality mediums like Prismacolor pencils or acrilic paints on canvas.

The soft-led colored penciles became my favorite medium back then. I really enjoyed creating Filmstips and Marble drawing, which won first prize in Advanced Drawing at Taylor High School Art Festival.

After returning home, study and work made me put my art aside. Altough every now and then I created some drawings.

I was really interested in aquarell but it is not an easy medium. I found a virtual tutor, Bob Davis, who is the founder of ArtTutor.com.

My new passion is learning digital art at creatureartteacher.com.

Taylor High School Art Festival

Advanced drawing – 1st place
1998 Indiana, USA