Farewell my friend

We need some more time not to feel you are watching us with your mesmerizing eyes through the window. We need some more time to accept that no one will squeeze himself between us on the couch. We still find some white fur on our clothes and then tears in our eyes.

We will not forget the 13-year-long fun we had together.

Kiwi pöttöm cicaként

You were soaked in the rain when we found you. You were full of energy conquering the living room. You were a Mojo cat, you went on patrol on your territory and checked every new item you bumped into. You were named Kiwi, because you were soooooo curious (in Hungarian: kíváncsi).

We survived your “teenage era”. That time we had some serious fights but you learned that hanging on the courtains, scratching the couch, walking on the table, stealing from the kitchen is a punishable act. You became a legally compliant cat, sticking to the rules, not listening to your inner instincts!?

You grew up to a huge cat. Not fat, just proportionally bigger than normal housecats.

Can I mention your laziness? Or you choose a nap over some toys and stuffed animals? Not to forget that Berdnard, your little brother needed someone to discipline him. That must have been time and energy consuming. But you were a good mentor and taught him cat stuff.

Kiwi és Börni

You were not a brave cat. I saw you fleeing from cats smaller than you while your little brother attacked them. You were not a great war-lord I do not regret that but you could have stood up for yourself more. Once you bit your own mouth. 🙁

One summer on a stormy day you disappeared for 3 days. We were very worried. On the third day you showed up with a broken leg. The surgery was successful but you had to live in a small cage in the living room for 3 month. I don’t know how could you endure it. You were our hero.

Unluckily by the end of the summer of 2018 you became ill. You were in pain. We tried to help but the illness won. You left us on 8th October 2018. We miss you a lot!

Rest in peace below the shadows of your favorite bushes.

Thank you for Dorka, who burnt my drawing on a piece of wood so we can make a memorial for you.

Kiwi emléke fába égetve

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