Musical paints

Music has a great effect on people. We calm down listening to soft melodies, get lively hearing a rithmic song and sometimes we are in tears due to a sad song. But what happens with a paint if it listens to music?

Luxury pigments in tubes

My first painting with Mijello

While searching for some quality paints I found an aquarelle paint. In Hungary it can be barely found, not very well known. Reading the 5 star reviews on several sites, I was convinced to try. No wonder, the Mijello Mission Gold Class watercolor paints are rich pigmented and top quality.

The paints are created in the factory of the south-korean Mijello. The high quality standars guarantee, that the paints are rich in pigments, the colors and the consistency is permanent. The paints cannot dry in the palette, the brush as they remain soluble.

Furthermore Mijello is caring about the artist health as the paints do not contain toxins, harmful additives. Also it is cosmetics quality as it does not contain cadmium and formaldehyde. Might be the reason why the paints are used by nail artists.

Special care by classical music

And how does paint and music come together? While manufacturing the paint is fermented in big barrels. Through this process the paints “listen” to classical music so the paint particles become more beautiful.

I am no water particle specialist. I cannot imagine how the paint changes when it listens to symphonies of Beethoven or Mozart. No doubt, the paint is rich pigmented, and has bright and lively colors. ?

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